“Shayan has a heart of gold and a genuine soul. His ability to help me find my inner center sets him apart and makes him stand out in the best possible way! I’ve truly felt a positive change in my life because of him”
— Executive, Facebook

Happy Clients


"Shayan is an epitome of optimism! Every session I connect with Shayan, he leaves me with rejuvenated aura of light that brightens up the deepest senses within my core."

Engineering Executive, Apple

"His positive energy is infectious, and everyone who encounters him absorbs it. Sessions with Shayan are always enlightening and leave me with ideas to ponder on."

— Marketing Executive, Uber

"Shayan is an incredible coach. If he senses your in need or in danger of falling apart he is on it and all over it in only the way a true healer can be. He will assist you to find a true solution he will WILL that solution with you and for you."

— Finance Executive, TD Canada Trust

"Shayan has a natural gift: he can make anyone feel comfortable and he is incredibly easy to open up to. By creating a safe space for me to be complete self, our conversations always leave me spiritually rejuvenated and supported!"

— Operations Executive, Gilead