5 Reasons Why it’s Going to be Alright

Life has a pretentious way of throwing curve balls at us. Some days we’re elated & feeling on top of the world and other days it feels like we’ve hit rock bottom. But don’t let that get you feeling down on yourself because you’ve been through this before. In fact you’ve been through a lot worse! So here are 5 reasons why everything’s going be alright.

  1. You’ve got a great support system — Be it your mother, brother, sister, dad or your quarky best friend from childhood, you have people in your life who are always there to lend a shoulder to cry on. Whenever the going gets tough you’re fortunate enough to have someone who’s going to encourage you and share that large tub of Haagen Daz with you over a night of Netflix binging. It’s going to be alright ;)

  2. You are a tough S.O.B. — You might not realize this but you’re alot stronger than you think you are. You’ve also been an anchor for others during their times of distress at times! If others tried to be in your shoes they may be returning them back within 5 minutes after realizing that you have a pretty hard life. So don’t even second guess yourself for a moment because your resilience is going to help you get past any hardship that you encounter.

  3. You have a good internal compass — You’re a pretty intuitive person. You may have those moments of doubt and even have a nervous break down or two, but deep down inside you know it’s going to be alright. You’re not one who “hopes” that everything’s going to be alright but has faith that it will all be play out. Call it God or the Universe, you firmly believe that there’s a divine power orchestrating all these affairs and you’ll be taken care of. As you know, in the end it always works out so why worry so much?

  4. Karma is your friend — As a believer in karma, you’ve helped others, gave charity, smiled at a stranger for no reason and even gave up your seat to allow the old uncle to sit on the bus. Karma is one of those forces which never forgets, in fact some traditions say that everything you put out comes back at you times 3! So all those little nuggets of humanity you contributed towards to your fellow man are going to come in handy for this time of upheaval. You’re a good person and karma’s definitely looking out for you.

  5. Life is helping you grow — This one’s a little more philosophical one but ancient philosophies teach us that our experience on this earth is a test. The more hardships we face the more opportunities for us to evolve spiritually. Ask Dr.MLK, Joan of Ark or Malcolm X if they became who they became without ever having to facing any adversity. 10 times of 10 they will tell you that all of the hardships they faced in life were the catalyst for helping them become genuine and great leaders. You may not be leading a pack of activists on the footsteps of the Washington Monument to protest civil rights but the mere fact that you are more emotionally supportive today of your loved ones than you may have been in the past shows that you’re growing as a person. Everyday you allow life to throw curve balls at you and you take them with stride. It’s you’re very own internal growth that’s helping you make sure that everything’s going to be just fine.

After reading this I’m sure you don’t think you’re situation’s so bad anymore. You’re a pretty strong person and your resilience is off the charts. You should really owe it to yourself and tap yourself on the back. You may not know it but many people look up to you. With this in mind, go out there into the world with the awareness that everyday is a blessing for you to experience and that you are a bad ass who’s not only going to get through any situation but thrive within it.

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