Adventure Therapy


What is adventure therapy?

‘Adventure Therapy’ is an opportunity to connect with your soul & connect through exploration & play. Adventure therapy is going out in nature with a beginners mind & searching deep within ourselves for finding our purpose in life & fulfillment.

Name Your Destination

Mount Shasta
Golden Gate Bridge & Sausalito Mountains
Muir Beach & Woods
Urban Exploration 
Malibu Beach
Joshua Tree
”Let’s go where the energy takes us”

Us humans are designed to create, to be creative and always think in big picture about how we can help the planet become a better place to live in for all of us through environmental sustainability, abundant agriculture, cultural acceptance of all and global compassion.
— Shayan Mehdi

adventure packages

8 Hour Adventure / 8 hour, includes 2 meals & a snack $1,500.
4 Hour Adventure / 4 hours, includes a meal & a snack $750.
Dream Adventure / Let’s manifest the adventure of your dreams by creating an adventure together.

** All packages are listed priced per person. Prices vary by location, season & travel needs